Jag Band Update 7/10/23

Hey folks,
Percussion and Guard Camp is off and running. The students are working, the teachers are teaching, and the 2023 Marching Band Season has officially begun! Just a friendly reminder that this heat is not letting up and it’s imperative that we’re acclimating our body to it so we can hit the ground running and our breakfast stays in our bodies 🙂


📆Schedule at a glance

This Week
Monday: Percussion and Guard Camp 8:00-4:00
Tuesday: Percussion and Guard Camp 8:00-4:00, Last In town Tuesday for Winds
Wednesday: Percussion and Guard Camp 8:00-4:00
Thursday: Percussion and Guard Camp 8:00-4:00
Friday: Percussion and Guard Camp 8:00-4:00
Next Week
Monday: Leadership Camp 8:00-4:00
Tuesday Leadership Camp 8:00-4:00
Wednesday – Friday: Texas Band Master’s Association Convention + Honor Band Finals in San Antonio!
Looking ahead
July 24th – Full band camp starts


👀Upcoming Events

In Town Tuesday Schedule for 7/11/23

Clarinets: 9:00-11:00

Alto Sax: 10:00-12:00

Flutes: 10:00-12:00

Low Reeds: 10:00-12:00

Low Brass: 11:00-1:00

Trumpets 1:00-3:00

Horns: 1:00-3:00

👏Action Items

2023 Student Apparel + Spirit Wear

Store is now closed; it will open for the third and final time in a couple of weeks

💬General Announcements
Booster Board – Welcome Our Co-Presidents
Tentatively, pending board approval, we will have co-Presidents Lori Peugh and Morgan Pendergraft. This means we need another 1st VP to help out Darlene Lozada, if you’re interested, please me know!
Chairperson openings
We still have plenty of spots open! 15 points (out of 20) go towards your Activity Fee 2 waiver! $130 off your fees! https://summitjaguarband.cadenza.works/boosters/

2024 Trip to DC – Rescheduled to May 8 – 12 – official sign up coming soon!

Reminders: We’re taking the first 40 students, and 8 chaperones. A waiting list will be added after the first 40/8.

 I understand AP tests take place at this time, and we’ll work with the admin to either tke the test early OR set a makeup date for you. 

Pricing is $1,635 per person max if we have 4 room occupants (including chaperones)

Students must room with students, chaperones with chaperones, even if your student is on the trip. 

If there is a special request for only 3 people in the room, add $104

If there is a special request for only 2 people in the room, add $312

If there is a special request to room alone, add $936

Paperwork will be signed this week which means sign up will be happening soon!

⌛Old Business





Summer Lessons

Reach out to a lesson teacher to schedule https://summitjaguarband.cadenza.works/about/lessons/

Join our 2023 Remind if you haven’t done so!

Open the Remind App or text 81010. Our 2023-2024 remind codes are:

General student remind (students only): @sjb2324 

General parent remind (parents only): @sjb2324p

2023 BAND App

Don’t forget so sign up for the BAND app. 

Students/parents/guardians: https://band.us/n/afa99cC8ocz7d

Parents/guardians only: https://band.us/n/a1a592Cbo0zcr

Students: be sure to have your full name, and a picture of yourself in your profile

Parents/guardians: have your full name and affiliation like “Kenny Doe (Jane Doe’s dad)” and adding a picture is optional for you.

Summer Band Attendance

Summer Band Camp is SO IMPORTANT! Here are some numbers for our friends that have math/number-based brains….
Total hours of “outside of school” rehearsal in the 2023 marching band season: 190.5
Total hours at Summer Band (7/24/23-8/15/23 – a little more than 3 weeks): 107
Total hours outside of school when school starts (after 8/16/23-11/3/23 – a little under 3 months): 83.5
If you miss one day of Summer Band, ~4% of your entire marching season is missed (that is like your maximum grade for marching band going from a 100 to a 96)
If you miss one week of Summer Band, ~18% of your entire marching season is missed (that is like your maximum grade for marching band going from a 100 to an 82)
If you miss one day of Summer Band, it is the equivalent of missing one whole week of outside rehearsal once school starts.
If you miss one week of Summer Band, it is the equivalent of missing one whole month of outside rehearsal once school starts.
With that said, I just want to say THANK YOU to many folks who have worked around this. So few issues thus far!
Everyone understands that this schedule was published over 7 months ago so schedules could be accommodated
Everyone understands that it is so important to attend camp to get all the information, so we don’t have to slow things down
Everyone understands that making up any time lost is difficult given the nature of the activity
Everyone understands that high school band is a team sport and that means holding up their part of the time commitment
Everyone understands that missing Summer Band is unfair to everyone who worked it out
We all agree that we want the Summit Band to continue to be competitively successful – but to do that, we all must make those accommodations and sacrifices, and I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have done so already 🙂