Jag Band Update 8/14/22

Hey folks,
Welcome to the last week of band camp/ first week of school!
Upcoming Dates
8/15/22: Rehearsal 5:00-9:00
8/16/22: Rehearsal 5:00-7:00 (new time)
8/17/22: Rehearsal 4:00-7:00
8/18/22: Rehearsal 4:00-7:00
8/19/22: Meet the Band Night (details below)
8/22/22: Brass/Perc Rehearsal 3:30-5:30; WW/Guard Rehearsal 5:30-7:30
8/23/22: Brass/Perc Rehearsal 3:30-5:30; WW/Guard Rehearsal 5:30-7:30
8/25/22: Rehearsal at Newsome with Lake Ridge HS 5:30-8:30
  • Call time 5:15
  • Buses leave by 5:30
  • Stadium Rehearsal 6:00-7:00
  • Rehearsal with SHS and LRHS dance teams 7:15-7:45
  • Load buses and arrive back at Summit by 8:30
Old Business
Just a reminder – physicals are good for two years in the eyes of UIL and should be completed the student’s Freshman, and Junior years. If you (or your student) have not completed a physical, and we do not have one on file that is less than two years old, they will not be able to participate in any physical activity at rehearsal starting tomorrow. They will be able to participate in music block but will then be asked to stand outside on the side and play along during marching/drill rehearsal. Students have been notified by Mr. Solis both in person and on the BAND app if this applies to them.
Registration Day

Registration day 2022 was a big success! Thank you to your Band Boosters who came by to get everything set up the day before and had everything prepared for this day. I have a list of notes of things that we need to adjust for next year, but it was an overall immense success. Almost 90% of the program came in, got fitted for a uniform, paid some fees, and turned in their forms. Thank you for that!
If you missed the Registration Day, we still need all forms filled out and turned in, some sort of payment made (or payment plan set up) to receive your apparel/uniform when it comes in, as well as get a uniform built for you. Myself, Ms. Hermanson, or Mr. Solis will be contacting those students individually to relay this information to parents and students this week. An email should have been sent to all the students/parents of which this information applies.
White Shirts at Rehearsals
Just a reminder that we want students to wear (mostly) white shirts to rehearsals when involving drill (which is almost all rehearsals from here on out). It helps the directors see things from the tower and keeps your kiddos cooler in the heat.
Action Items
Medical Forms (action required)
For students who did not NEED a physical done this year (mostly Sophomores and Seniors), UIL states we need this attached medical form filled out and given to us. If you competed a physical this year, you do not need to complete this form!
WiddyUp (Finishes 8/19/22)

Current total on our WiddyUp fundraiser is…. $8,905.05! Congratulations! This is fantastic! We have 6 days remaining and a $20,000 goal! Keep sharing with your friends and pushing this into the world! We can do this!
Apparel (arriving on 8/25/22 …maybe)
All our new apparel should arrive on the 25th (the day before the first football game). If it does not come in, please wear khaki shorts, your white Summit Band shirt, long black socks, and your marching shoes. If you are a rookie member, we will see if we can find you a shirt, but if not, just wear a plain white shirt. All marching shoes should be in at this time.
Prop Painting Day (8/27/22)
August 27th – 8:00am- 11:00am (weather permitting). We will need parent volunteers, painting supplies, and baby powder (posted on the BAND app soon) as well as student leaders and/or their friends to help. We are going to lay out the five large tarps on the field behind the band tower and paint them. With a crew of about 5 people per tarp (25 total volunteers), we should be able to knock this out in the one day.
Private Lessons

Ms. Hermanson sent out a survey to all the kiddos regarding private lessons. Just a reminder that it is an expectation that students in the Wind Symphony and Wind Ensemble take lessons. If students in the Symphonic Band aspire to play in the Wind Symphony and Wind Ensemble in the future, they are also highly encouraged to take lessons. The scholarship application provided by the Band Boosters will be out soon!
If you (or your student) have not competed that brief survey on the BAND app regarding lessons, please do so immediately.
Upcoming Performance Information
Meet the Band Night (This Friday, 8/19/22)
We are looking forward to showing off what we have accomplished over these past couple of weeks. We will show you our visual warm up, play some stand tunes for you, perform the first minute and a half of our show with choreography, drill, and music, and play through the 2nd part of our show! Looking forward to great event.
  • 7:30 call time – parents/guardians make way out to the home side stadium (bring shade/an umbrella), winds in the band hall for warm up, percussion in the lot for warm up, guard in the stadium for warm up/demonstration.
    • Students wear white Summit Band (or plain) shirts and khaki shorts, any shoes
  • 8:00 – band arrives in the stadium to perform their body warm up, play some tunes, and then set up for a run of the show.
  • 8:30 – finished. Students pack up/ cleanup/ enjoy their weekend.
First Football Game (8/26/22)
This is right around the corner. We will be the visiting team at Newsom vs. Lake Ridge. Half time will consist of a combined performance of both the Summit and Lake Ridge High School dance teams and bands as well as a performance of what we know of our show, and some stand tunes.
Uniform: White Summit Band (or plain white) shirt, Khaki shorts, long black socks, marching shoes
Items needed: Flip book, lyre (for instruments that need them), water jug and sling if here
  • 5:00 Call time
  • 5:15 Inspection
  • 5:30 Load Buses
  • 6:00 Arrive at Newsom
  • 7:00 Kickoff
  • 8:15ish Halftime
  • 10:00ish Game Finished
  • 10:45ish Arrive back at Summit
  • 11:00ish Dismissal
March-A-Thon (Saturday, 9/17/22)
Can you believe this is right around the corner!? Your student will be getting an envelope this week to start collecting donations for this event. Remember, families are responsible for collecting $100 for this event as a fundraiser for the band but are more than welcome to get more donations to help the band program (and we need it!). If you already paid this $100 fee at Registration Day, then you are already covered! If you receive over $100 of donations, 10% of whatever you raise will be added to your band account – just like WiddyUp!
This parade takes place in the Fannin Farms neighborhood and involves the band playing music and providing concerts for donors. If you or a friend live in this neighborhood, just a $50 donation gets you a personal concert. Contact annbond@misdmail.org if you or someone you know would like to schedule a private concert. More details on this later!
Looking forward to a fruitful, but busy, busy week!
Travis Whaley
Director of Bands
Mansfield Summit High School
1071 Turner Warnell Rd
Arlington, TX 76001
682-341-0972 (office)