Summit Performing Ensembles


All students will be a part of a level-appropriate ensemble based on auditions that typically take place in May for the upcoming school year. Per UIL rules, in order for a student to perform in any competition or specifically a "ticketed event", they must be academically eligible and passing all regular level classes with a 70 or above, and all advanced classes with a 60 or above. This means every student in marching band must be passing their classes in order to perform at football games or contests. However, students are allowed to perform in UIL Concert and Sight Reading without meeting those academic requirements as the Concert and Sight Reading performances are considered "evaluations" and not "contests". Student attendance at all events is our biggest priority and could factor into participation in any band, or any leadership position held by the student; checking the band calendar is important.

During marching band season, students who are unable to maintain academic eligibility will serve as "alternates" and be required to complete separate work to maintain their grade in band in lieu of the performance requirements, and may be moved down into a lower concert band until they can maintain their grades.

Requirements per ensemble

Each director will set the requirements for their respective classes, dependent on the ability level of the class, and the objectives for the semester. ALL band students are required to attend all rehearsals and performances of the ensembles in which they are involved. Failure to attend a performance, without prior notice and/or approval, could result in the loss of performing with the group, a failing grade, and/or the possibility of being removed from the ensemble. Daily participation, required sectionals and masterclass participation factor in to the daily grade.

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