Jaguar Marching Band

The Summit Jaguar Marching Band is a great source of pride for both Summit High School and the community. The Jaguar Band performs at all SHS varsity football games, pep-rallies, and marching contests throughout the DFW area.

The Summit Marching Band is a consistent UIL sweepstakes recipient and finalist at marching contests throughout the DFW Area. The band has earned consecutive 1st division ratings at the Region Marching Contest since 2002, and have been Area since 2010. The Summit Marching Band is a consistent Bands of America finalist, and recently BOA Regional Champions in class 3A in 2019, BOA Regional Silver Medalists, and advanced to state marching band contest for the first time in the school's history in 2021.

Marching band consists of graded after school rehearsals and is the key to the bands success. Every student in the band program regardless of JV or Varsity status in involved in every performance in some way. Check the Calendar page for all rehearsals and performances.

Benefits of Marching Band

Band is a great way to get your child involved in something positive, providing an authentic learning experience that engage students' minds, hearts, and bodies as well as develop cognitive, social, and personal competencies.

Students learn to be excellent leaders on and off the field, and outperform their non-arts peers on the SAT.

Music raises a students ability to multitask, be a critical thinker, problem solve, manage their time, along with learning how to work cooperatively as a team towards shared goals of the band program.

Band students can receive college scholarships; college and universities are impressed when students have participated and excelled in marching band.

The band experience is often the highlight of a student's high school years.

We are a family.


2023 Production: The 13th Floor

Follow a family at a hotel stay that they'll never forget.

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