Imagine... you are sitting at a high school football game on a Friday night.You can hear the band playing from three blocks away. The stadium is packed with spectators when all of a sudden your company’s name and slogan roar over the loudspeakers in support of the Jaguars, Summit High School’s Marching Band and Color Guard.

Teamwork... is what it takes to have a successful band program. Our team consists of reliable students, committed parents, generous community sponsors and a dedicated Band Director. When you were in high schooled you remember that one class, sport or club that you lived for? Well our members have the same desire to be the best and show school pride through their Marching Halftime Show and Competitions. 

The facts…We need you on our team! We need to raise a minimum of $30,000 to provide instruments, music, equipment, travel expenses, uniforms, props, competition fees, and much much more. Our program boasts some of the finest high school students in Tarrant County. Most of our members carry an advanced class schedule and are very involved with community service projects. Please consider joining us in the form of monetary or product donation. Product donations will be used in our annual ?????

As we all know... the funds for public school arts programs constantly being cut. Funds received from the County are in the form of salaries and facilities. That means the students and parents must raise the additional funds required for a successful year. We want to assure you that it is not our intention to simply ask for a hand-out, but for an investment in our greatest asset - OUR YOUTH. We are not only preparing these students to play music. We are preparing them to become extraordinary musicians, students and citizens. We emphasize the importance of team work, problem solving and personal responsibility.

It’s easy... to sponsor the band. Please complete the following forms and indicate at which level you would like to partner with the Band. It has been our experience that business leaders appreciate the opportunity to join in local activities that promote positive youth involvement. 100% of donations are used in the equal benefit of all students of the Summit High School Band.

Thank you... in advance for your support of our band program. We look forward to hearing your company name over the loudspeaker at the football games.

Summit High School Marching Band & Color Guard

1071 Turner Warnell Rd. Arlington, TX 76001


Christopher Kinicki, Director of Bands