Jag Band Update 1/16/23

Hey Jag Family,

Hope you are all enjoying this day off as much as I am – this week felt like a roller coaster that went straight down and only turned left. It was fast, exhausting, I needed Dramamine, and I almost passed out a couple of times; but we got through it, and it was capped off by three fantastic Region Band Concerts this week.  Here’s your weekly update
Schedule at a glance
This week
Monday: No School, MLK day

Tuesday: 3:30-6:00 JV WG, 6:00-8:00 V WG
Wednesday: 3:30-4:30 jazz
Thursday: 3:30-6:00 V WG, 6:00-8:00 JV WG
Friday: 3:30-4:30 jazz
Saturday: Middle School Region Concert at Arlington CVPA (go support your Howard friends)
Next Week
Monday: 3:30-5:30 JV WG, 5:30-8:00 V WG
Tuesday: 3:30-7:00 JV WG
Wednesday: 3:30-4:30 jazz; 5:00pm-9:00pm Jason’s Deli Spirit Night! Go eat at Jason’s Deli at 1718 U.S. 287 Frontage Rd Ste 200. Order in, or online using the QR code
Thursday: 3:30-7:00 V WG
Friday: 3:30-4:30 jazz
Saturday: High School Orchestra Region Concert at Arlington CVPA (Go support Alan, John, and Alex M); Middle School Region Concert at Arlington CVPA (go support your Howard friends)
Region Concerts this past weekend
Congratulations!! We want to recognize the students who took part this past weekend in the Region 5 Band Concerts at the beautiful Arlington CVPA. They represented Summit well and performed some fantastic music with just 12 hours of rehearsal. We are proud of what you did and what you do for the Summit Band!
New Business
New Booster Board Leadership and Open Positions
We want to thank Ann Bond for her great leadership through this transition of directors to ensure that our students had a wonderful experience throughout their marching season/ fall semester. With that said, I would like to introduce Amy Garcia as our new band booster president. We are excited to see what the future holds with Amy, and we go through Winterguard season and ramp up for next year’s marching show.
In addition to there being a few positions open, I would really like a tech-savvy parent to take over the Summit Band Instagram and Facebook page. You could put out reminders of events, call times, celebrations, take reels, interview kids, etc… nothing too crazy, but enough to get our image back out there. If you are interested in doing this, please contact myself and/or Amy Garcia at summitbandprez@gmail.com
On the board “proper” we have a co-chair position for “First vice president” open which is “services, support, and student activities” that would plan chaperones opportunities, socials events, and find parents to help when the opportunities arise.
Also, “Second vice president” which is “booster driven needs and fundraising”. This person would reach out to businesses for sponsorships, plan fundraisers, work with the (hopefully new) social media person to get the word out on fundraisers, and
If you would like more information on this or think you can help with the success of the program. Contact myself, and/or Amy Garcia at summitbandprez@gmail.com
Finances Corner
Vertical Raise coming in early February
Look friends, let’s be real – WiddyUp was a total WiddyLetDown – we did not really reach our goals in the fall with this fundraiser. Then we sold Butter Braids which I heard were delicious and scrumptious, but everyone hates catalog type fundraising, including the teachers. They are a total pain to put together and difficult logistically to get the product out to you. Additionally, we didn’t get awarded as a host site for a winterguard show this year, which means we missed several thousands of dollars. To put it bluntly, we need to raise some more funds if we want to be successful.
Why, you ask? We would like to have an outstanding marching season with high quality props, we would like to increase our private lesson scholarship fund, we would like to add additional masterclasses to our schedule throughout the year, we would like to add more help on the field during the season, we would like to purchase matching sets of quality instruments, and this all takes additional dollars that we don’t have right now.
As booster board, we spoke about how we need to tap other wells to successfully fundraise and stop tapping our current families. So, we are going to give Vertical Raise a try and attempt to make a big push to the alumni of the program to support the band they love, as well as ask each student to compile a list of 10 phone numbers or emails (like WiddyUp) of people who they think can donate.
I know it feels like we have fundraised a lot this year. Ideally, we only want to do one fundraiser a year – one fundraiser in the fall that can bridge the gap between student fees and total costs to run the program. There are several programs who have had immense success with this fundraising model/company, and I would really like to see if this will work for us with the idea of only doing this once per year from here on out during the fall.
Check out an example page from the Allen Band here if you’re interested: https://verticalraise.com/fundraiser/bhwna73ccs6sdjze/

More info coming out on this soon!
Jason’s Deli
We are looking to have one Spirit Night per month to support your Jags. This month is Jason’s Deli in Mansfield found at 1718 U.S. 287 Frontage Rd Ste 200. Check out the flyer below:
Parent Corner/Action Items
Winter guard Props – Parent Help
After speaking with Sam this week – we think we have all the props figured out for this winter guard season. Now we will need parent help at contests, and TONS of parent help when it comes building props for the fall, but we are off the hook for this winter season. I’m really looking forward to help build the props for the fall show. 🙂
2023 Fall Show Props
I am not going to disclose too much information on this – but I think I would like to use that prop that sitting outside the pod on the band grid. There is a little bit of help I need with this. I need someone to volunteer and tell me the following:
  1. is it salvageable
  2. will fit in a box truck
  3. about how much it might cost to restore
  4. if the motor/ elevator on the prop still works
Shoot me an email if you can help with that. Thanks!
DJ for Jazz Dinner Dance
Looking to see if there is anyone who has a connection with a DJ that either won’t break the bank or would donate their services for the Jazz Dinner Dance after party. As far as times go – if the event starts at 6:00 and we have the Wester jazz band and Summit jazz band perform, I’m guess we would need them from 7:30ish to 9:30ish. If you should shoot me ideas/prices, that would be great!
Silent Auction Items for the Jazz Dinner Dance
If you know of a business that would donate to our Jazz Dinner Dance silent auction, please let Amy Garcia know (summitbandprez@gmail.com) We would like to get as many items as possible to select from for a successful night. We are still planning to do the section baskets – more information on that next week – but I just wanted to put this out there in case anyone has some connections

Thanks for reading. Have a great week!

Travis Whaley
Director of Bands
Mansfield Summit High School
1071 Turner Warnell Rd
Arlington, TX 76001
682-314-0972 (office)