Jag Band Update 10/25/22

Hey folks,
Welcome to the first week of Concert Band!!! We’re excited to be working with all of you to push your tone development, technique, and musicality in a more intimate, less stressful environment. We have some exciting music planned for all the groups, and we can’t wait to see what we can do. The first concert will take place on Wednesday, December 14th at 7:00pm at the Willie Pigg Auditorium at Wester Middle School. More details on that event when we get closer to the performance date.
As a reminder, Six Weeks 2 ends on October 28th. Here’s some info about the grade report coming up:
  • If you fail a class at the grade report, you are ineligible until the next progress report (November 18th – I think)
  • If you pass every class, you are now eligible.
Fun fact I think I would like to share about Six Weeks 1:
  • 37 students in band had straight A’s on their Six Weeks 1 report card! That’s 30% of the band!
  • 41 students in band had either A’s or B’s on their Six Weeks 1 report card! That’s 33% of the band!
  • 63% of the band had A’s or B’s only on their report card.
Schedule at a glance
This Week
Thursday: Rehearsal 4:00-6:30
Friday: Pep Rally during the day, Football vs Joshua at Anderson (Senior Night)
Next Week
Thursday: Rehearsal 4:00-6:30 (concert uniform sizing day)
Friday: Football at Ennis (potential final game)
Saturday: Drumline competition at Lewisville HS. They perform at 4:15pm come support them!
Upcoming Event Information
Friday Pep Rally (10/28/22)
All students involved
Uniform: WHITE performance shirt
Plan: Report to band after 2nd block skipping Wellness. As quickly has you can, get your instrument and flip folder, line up by section, and head into the gym (very little time before they start releasing people to the gym). The Pep rally lasts from 10:30 to 10:55. Proceed to 3rd hour/ lunch after that.
If you have CTC or Ben Barber that conflicts with this, send me a quick message on the band app so we can work out a plan and/or excuse you 🙂
Football vs Joshua (10/28/22) Senior Night
All eligible students involved
Uniform: WHITE performance shirt, summit black shorts, marching shoes, long black socks, water jug + sling, football uniform
Halftime plan: Spirit show + senior recognition + picture(s) – more information on the Band app coming soon
Spirit show:
  • Blinding Lights followed by drumline cadence;
  • The Impression That I Get followed by senior night recognition
Senior recognition: When the spirit show is finished, the non-seniors will line up on the 45’s (flutes in front down to low brass/ battery), non-seniors will play Fight Song, seniors run down the tunnel and arc up in front of the band and play fight song the 2nd time on their own after the J-A-G-U-A-R-S. Senors turn around, band arcs in front of the seniors and plays the Alma Mater for them. We’ll take a picture of the band with the seniors in front, and the out annual senior picture after that!
Seniors: You may decorate your instrument as long as it does not damage the instrument and it’s still playable. You will also be given a senior sash if they come in time – they’ve been delayed!
Football at Ennis (11/4/22)
All eligible students involved
Uniform: WHITE performance shirt, summit black shorts, marching shoes, long black socks, water jug + sling, football uniform
Halftime plan: Spirit show
Winterguard Auditions (11/7/22 – 11/9/22)
All colorguard and interested band students are welcome to audition
The audition will be “workshop style” and take place in the band hall after school.
  • Monday 11/7 – after school until 6:30pm
  • Tuesday 11/8 – after school until 6:30pm
  • Wednesday 11/9 – after school until 7:00pm
The plan is to have an exclusive Varsity Winterguard and a larger JV Winterguard. Guard is open to band students to audition, but they will not be able to change their schedule to add the colorguard class for the 2nd semester unless they are a senior and already have an open period. The auditions will not be open to brand new non-band students. If you have a non-band friend that would like to join guard, have them check back in May for the 2023 marching band auditions.
Craft Fest 11/12/22
All students involved
Please be sure to have this date in your calendar blocked off. Sign up times for students will come out soon! This is one of the biggest fundraisers we have for the program. If you’ve never been, I’ve heard it’s a ton of fun and there is never a dull moment. I’m excited to witness/ experience my first one.
Action Items
Seniors need to fill out the short survey posted on the Band app if they haven’t done so already.
Student Corner
Goals for this week
  1. Concert band – start working on notes and rhythms. We have about 30 rehearsals to put this concert together which seems like a lot, but we have to do some marching band stuff on Thursdays, and there are master classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So…. it’ll go by pretty quickly.
  2. All-State: Work on Etude 2/3, cut 3 for your masterclasses
  3. Stand Tunes: Livin’ La Vida Loca.
Travis Whaley
Director of Bands
Mansfield Summit High School
1071 Turner Warnell Rd
Arlington, TX 76001
682-341-0972 (office)