Jag Band Update 10/30/22

Hey folks,

Introductory week to concert band is over, now time to get to work on the Winter Concert Music. Students, we will return to our split woodwinds and brass schedule to work on the music with a little more focus. Parents, you should hear your students practicing a little more at home these coming weeks than you did in the prior weeks because we have some WORK to do.
Although we wanted a different Senior Night than what we got – the admin sent out a message to all the coaches letting us know that senior night festivities will be rescheduled. I hope you were able to spend time with your families and friends through all of the weather we had Friday and Saturday. I will update you all as soon as I know that date for the reschedule. The plan for this coming football game is to still show off our seniors and honor them by allowing them to play the fight song on their own, and for the band to play the alma mater for them on the field.
As a reminder, grades for teachers are due at 3:00 on Monday, so please be sure you are passing by the end of the school day. Students who are not passing will not be able to audition for All-District, and if they are not passing by the progress report, will not be able to audition for All-Region. Stay on top of those grades!
Schedule at a glance
This Week
Thursday: Rehearsal 4:00-6:00 (concert uniform sizing day) Butter Braid pick up day
Friday: Football at Ennis (potential final game)
Saturday: Drumline competition at Lewisville HS. They perform at 4:15pm come support them!
Next Week
Monday: Winterguard workshop/auditions 4:00-6:30
Tuesday: Winterguard workshop/auditions 4:00-6:30
Wednesday: Winterguard workshop/auditions 4:00-7:00
Thursday: 4:00-5:30 if we have a playoff game
Friday: No school, but potential playoff game
Saturday: CRAFT FEST
Upcoming Event Information
Butter Braid pick up day (11/3/22)
Be prepared to pick up your butter braids orders this day! Orders need to be kept frozen. Any orders that are left in the band hall will be taken as a gracious donation to the directors. (just kidding) but please don’t leave them in the band hall!
Football at Ennis (11/4/22)
All eligible students involved
Call time: 5:00pm with a 5:15 inspection. Please be in full uniform, hair up, jewelry out, by 5:15
Uniform: WHITE performance shirt, summit black shorts, marching shoes, long black socks, water jug + sling, football uniform
Halftime plan: Spirit show
Lewisville Drumline Invitational (11/5/22)
Drumline students involved
Itinerary and Information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZDXCyrZjSnIlA4kCIjzceL0iinefvga5zb3ixVPAThQ/edit?usp=sharing

Winterguard Auditions (11/7/22 – 11/9/22) (Same information as last week)
All colorguard and interested band students are welcome to audition
The audition will be “workshop style” and take place in the band hall after school.
  • Monday 11/7 – after school until 6:30pm
  • Tuesday 11/8 – after school until 6:30pm
  • Wednesday 11/9 – after school until 7:00pm 
The plan is to have an exclusive Varsity Winterguard and a larger JV Winterguard. Guard is open to band students to audition, but they will not be able to change their schedule to add the colorguard class for the 2nd semester unless they are a senior and already have an open period. The auditions will not be open to brand new non-band students. If you have a non-band friend that would like to join guard, have them check back in May for the 2023 marching band auditions. 
Craft Fest 11/12/22
All students involved
Please be sure to have this date in your calendar blocked off. Sign up times for students will be coming out this week. The only students who have been excused thus far are the students involved in the TWU Honor Band.
This is one of the biggest fundraisers we have for the program. If you’ve never been, I’ve heard it’s a ton of fun and there is never a dull moment. I’m excited to witness/ experience my first one. Tons of information will be coming out on this event this week!
Action Items
Pick up your butter braids on Thursday
Practice your music
Get ready for All-District auditions coming up (Monday November 14th at Lake Ridge HS)
Student Corner
All of the goals from here on out will be sent in a separate email for the brass (from me) and the woodwinds (Ms. H)

Happy Practicing. Go Jags!

Travis Whaley
Director of Bands
Mansfield Summit High School
1071 Turner Warnell Rd
Arlington, TX 76001
682-341-0972 (office)