Jag Band Update 12/11/22

Hey Jag Family,
I write this email today with a tired body and a full heart. It was an immensely busy week but so many remarkable things happened that I hope to highlight and celebrate. Phase 1 and 2 results, the beginner concert, Elf the musical, etc… This coming week is hoping to be a positive one as well as we share our Winter concert with you on Wednesday. The kids have been working hard on this music, and the demanding work is paying off. Ms. H and I programmed this concert to push the students and see what they could do, and they rose to the occasion. I hope you see that on Wednesday. 
Schedule at a Glance
This Week
Monday: 🚩3:30-5:30 JV Winter guard Rehearsal; 🎺3:30-5:30 Wind Ensemble + Symphonic Band Rehearsal
Tuesday: 🚩3:30-6:00 Varsity Winter guard Rehearsal; 🎺3:30-5:30 Wind Symphony Rehearsal
Wednesday: 🥁🎷🎺7:00-8:30 Winter Concert (details below)
Thursday: 🎶4:00-6:00 Winter Band Social
Friday: nothing!
Saturday: 🚩9:00-5:00 Winter guard Design Day
Next Week
Monday: nothing!
Tuesday: 🚩5:00-7:30pm colorguard end of year celebration
Wednesday: ❄️Winter Break starts!
The band hall will be open on Thursday, December 29th from 9:00am-noon and Wednesday, January 4th (TBA) for both lessons, and students who would like to practice for Area Band auditions.
Cross Timbers Concert
Thank you to all who help set up the commons, guide the 6th graders from the band hall, and/or cleaned up. It was a successful concert and from a band directors’ perspective, we were really pleased with the sounds coming out of those students’ instruments already. The team at Cross Timbers – Mr. Thompson, Ms. Martinez (a Summit graduate BTW), Mr. Black, and Mr. Solis are doing fantastic things which makes us really excited for the future of the band program. 
Region Phase 2 and 9th Grade Results
Again, we are proud of everyone who went through this process, and I may sound like a broken record at this point, but this is the biggest reason the Summit Band is successful. If you did not get the result you wanted, keep fighting to get better and push yourself to limits you did not think possible. Remember the adage: how do you eat an elephant? one small bite at a time. Keep working to get better, stronger, faster one small “bite” at a time.
Here are the students who made one of the bands and/or qualified for Area. CONGRATULATIONS!!
Piccolo 3615_1_1_1 Alejandra Medrano 2 5A: 1 5A Area Sym Band
Flute 3615_2_1_18 Natalie Green 5 5A: 1 5A Area Wind Ens
Flute 3615_2_1_17 Sofia Avila 7 5A: 2 5A Area Wind Ens
Flute 3615_2_1_26 Carlos Lozada 13 5A: 5 Sym Band
Flute 3615_2_1_2 Gia Lai 17 5A: 6 Sym Band
Oboe 3615_3_1_4 Megan Wilcox 6 5A: 3 Sym Band
Bb Clarinet 3615_6_1_31 Caia Hernandez 9 5A: 2 5A Area Wind Ens
Bb Clarinet 3615_6_1_30 Charlotte Jager 13 5A: 4 5A Area Sym Band
Bb Clarinet 3615_6_1_36 Mariana Bahena 21 5A: 6 5A Area Sym Band
Bb Clarinet 3615_6_1_35 Jaiydlin Baa’Qee 22 5A: 7 Sym Band
Bass Clarinet 3615_8_1_11 Ana Garcia 3 5A: 2 5A Area Sym Band
Bass Clarinet 3615_8_1_12 Morriah Barnett 5 5A: 3 Sym Band
Alto Saxophone 3615_12_1_20 Joseph Fondren 1 5A: 1 5A Area Wind Ens
Tenor Saxophone 3615_13_1_9 Tyler Gomez 2 5A: 1 5A Area Sym Band
Baritone Saxophone 3615_14_1_3 Alejandro Rodriguez 1 5A: 1 5A Area Wind Ens
Cornet/Trumpet 3615_21_1_12 John Hunt 2 5A: 1 5A Area Wind Ens & Orch
Cornet/Trumpet 3615_21_1_13 Alan Garcia 3 5A: 2 5A Area Wind Ens & Orch
Cornet/Trumpet 3615_21_1_23 Norman Carswell 6 5A: 3 5A Area Wind Ens
Cornet/Trumpet 3615_21_1_19 Jordan Bryant 10 6A: 6 6A Area Wind Ens
Cornet/Trumpet 3615_21_1_22 Iniquez Rusk 11 5A: 5 5A Area Sym Band
Cornet/Trumpet 3615_21_1_20 Iyaan Jaffer 12 5A: 6 Sym Band
F Horn 3615_23_1_5 Richard Loomer 14 5A: 6 Sym Band
Tenor Trombone 3615_24_1_9 Ryan Dickey 6 5A: 1 5A Area Wind Ens
Tenor Trombone 3615_24_1_4 Lauryn Holt 11 5A: 2 5A Area Sym Band
Tenor Trombone 3615_24_1_25 Daniel Lopez 12 5A: 3 5A Area Sym Band
Tuba 3615_27_1_16 Mauricio Cruz 2 6A: 1 6A Area Wind Ens
and also, a big shoutout to our 9th grade students who made the Region 5 9th Grade region band!
F Horn 3617_23_1_21 Matthew Hayhurst 5 RO 9th Grade Symphonic Band
Euphonium 3617_26_1_16 Keara Savory 1 RO 9th Grade Symphonic Band
For those who qualified for Area, information on Area auditions will be out soon. Right now, auditions are scheduled for Saturday, January 7th at Coppell HS – which is BEFORE we get back from Winter Break! For parents who don’t know, the students who have either “5A Area” or “6A Area” next to their name get to battle it out for a spot in the All-State band
Elf the Musical 
I love seeing students in band succeed in multiple activities and boy did they succeed with this production. It had us engaged, laughing, and smiling the whole time. The entire cast seemed to have a great run on Saturday night when we went to see it, but Noah Ochieng as Buddy the Elf was spectacular! That role was made for him. Congratulations to all involved! Noah O, Landon P, Obi U, Richard L, and Kamryn C (sorry if I missed someone)
Jazz Band Starting Soon (repeat from last week, but need all students who are interested to fill it out ASAP)
Jazz Band starts after Winter Break! Historically, the Wind Symphony saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and some percussions are asked to take part in jazz band, but I would really like to get a feel for how many students are interested in jazz for planning purposes, perhaps to add a jazz band to the class schedule next year if it will fit. Jazz will be taught by Mr. Dees and Mr. Smolovik this year and most of the rehearsals will take place on Wednesday and Friday from 3:30-4:30.
We’re still planning on performing at the annual Jazz Dinner Dance; I would like to try to perform at the elementary schools, Cross Timbers, and/or Howard; we’re also looking to take the jazz band to the 🐎 UTA Jazz contest this year, but it’s the first Saturday of Spring Break, so we want to see who can attend by filling out the survey below.

If you are interested, take the minute it will take to fill out this short jazz band survey: CLICK HERE

Rehearsal schedule is on the calendar on both the website and the band app, but you can also check it out here: CLICK HERE

Winter Concert Final Itinerary (Wednesday, 12/14/22) (repeat from last week, but new, earlier call time for Wind Symphony)
Willie Pigg Auditorium 1520 Walnut Creek Dr. Mansfield, TX 76063
  • 2:55 – Load/deliver percussion instruments to Willie Pigg
  • 🆕4:45 – Call time #1 for Wind Symphony with percussionists in concert uniform. Store instrument cases in Wester Band Hall, move to stage for rehearsal
  • 4:50 – Wind Symphony rehearsal on stage
  • 6:00  Call time for Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band with percussionists in concert uniform. Store instrument cases in Wester Band Hall, move to stage for rehearsal
  • 6:05 – Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band rehearsal on stage
  • 6:50 – Call time #2 for Wind Symphony with percussionists, in auditorium seats with instruments
  • 7:00 – Concert Starts with Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band
  • 7:20 – Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band files out and sits in audience for rest of concert
  • 7:30 – Wind Symphony performance
  • 8:00 – Concert ends. Load and deliver percussion instruments back to Summit
Concert Attire for all bands
Gentlemen – long-sleeved, black, collared dress shirt; tuxedo pants, tuxedo jacket; long black socks and black dress shoes, no visible jewelry
Optional: plain black vest, plain royal blue long tie (no bow ties)
Ladies – plain, closed-toe, black dress shoes; black hose or long black socks; concert dress, only approved jewelry/accessories
Optional: royal blue accessories (conservative necklace, earrings, hair tie/ hair band etc…)
Big Thank You 
…to 🎉Ms. Lozada and 🎉Ms. Martinez for volunteering their time in the uniform closet this past week getting kids fitted for a concert uniform and making alterations. We could not do this without parents like you. We all thank you!!!
Winter Band Social (12/15/22) 4:00-6:00ish
We have a tentative schedule put together by members of our Leadership Team. Check it out below. We hope you can join us for some quality “decompression time”.
Prize for the Ugly Sweater Contest will be a $10 gift card! To where, you may ask? That’s a surprise!
Winter guard Props and General Update
Sam has solidified what we need for Winter guard props and made an immaculate google sheet that with pictures and dimensions for the prop building team (are you surprised though? She is pretty fantastic. JV and Varsity colorguard this year are STRONG and to keep costs low, Sam has been bartering and trading everything she can from her connections. She is doing show design for them, they are doing show design for us, we are trading floors, mixing each other’s music, borrowing this, stealing that (lol) and it’s been fun meeting the team working with your students.
Their first contest in the end of January, so if you’re handy, we will need your help!
Pay your band fees, please!
Friends, we are still struggling to pay some of our bills from marching season. We are cutting things close. We need you to have less than $140 owed in your account – and that is only if you have opted into our Fee Reduction Plan and have been volunteering/ donating.

That’s all for now! Can’t wait to share our Winter Concert music with you 🙂

Travis Whaley
Director of Bands
Mansfield Summit High School
1071 Turner Warnell Rd
Arlington, TX 76001
682-341-0972 (office)