Jag Band Update 3/5/23

Hello Jaguar Band,
Ahhh you feel that… that is the feeling of relief and the feeling of satisfaction. Small ensemble project. Done. Jazz Dinner Dance and Silent Auction. Done. Spring Fundraiser [almost] Done. On to sectionals, leadership training, Pre-UIL, UIL, and spring concert… and before you know it… MARCHING SEASON… wait… that feeling of relief just went away…
I emailed everyone their personalized account link that shows your band fees again this week. If you did not get your link, please email me and I’ll get it to you! Bring in those fall payments so we can start paying our deposits for the upcoming marching season and solidify band fees for next year. Bring a check made out to Summit Band Boosters or bring cash/money order in an envelope with your students’ name on it and drop it in the white booster box outside the office. With the booster meeting happening this Tuesday, checks will be picked up and deposited quickly. Thanks!
2023 Marching Band show clue #3 – “…The… Adolphus… Busch….” have you guessed it yet?
Here’s this week’s update:
📆Schedule at a glance📆
This Week
!Take marching uniforms home for cleaning!
Monday: 🚩3:30-5:30 JV WG, 🚩5:30-8:00 V WG
Tuesday: 🚩3:30-8:00 JV WG, ❗ Booster Meeting 7:00
Wednesday: 🎷3:30-4:30 jazz
Thursday: 🚩3:30-7:00 V WG
Friday: 🎷3:30-4:30 jazz, 🚩3:30-7:00 JV and V WG
Saturday: 🎷 UTA Jazz Contest, 🚩Guard Contest at Martin HS
Next Week
Spring Break!!! Wash your uniforms!!!
Week After Spring break
!Return marching uniforms from cleaning!
Monday: 🏆Leadership workshop 3:15-4:30 [5:00 for DM], 🚩4:30-6:30 JV WG, 🚩6:30-9:15 V WG
Tuesday: 🚩3:30-7:00 JV WG
Wednesday: 🏆Leadership workshop 3:15-4:30 [5:00 for DM]
Thursday: 🚩3:30-7:00 V WG 
Friday: 🚩3:30-7:00 JV WG, 🚩5:00-7:00 V WG 🎵 Wednesday Sectionals rescheduled to Friday
Saturday: 🚩JV Championships at Marcus HS
🎼Sectionals this week🎼
Sectional Schedule this week
Wind EnsembleHorns: 3:10-3:50 with Ms. H, 3:50-4:30 sectionalClarinets: 3:10-3:50 sectional, 3:50-4:30 with Ms. H
Wind Symphony
Clarinets: 3:50-4:30 sectional, 4:30-5:10 with Ms. H
Horns: 3:10-3:50 with Whaley, 3:50-4:30 sectional (this is a change)
Trumpets: 3:10-3:50 sectional, 3:50-4:30 with WhaleyAltos: 3:50-4:30 sectional, 4:30-5:10 with Whaley
Wind EnsembleFlutes/oboe: 3:10-3:50 with Ms. H, 3:50-4:30 sectionalLow Reeds (tenor, bari, bassoon, bass cl): 3:10-3:50 sectional, 3:50-4:30 with Ms. HWind Symphony
Low Reeds: 3:10-3:50 sectional, 3:50-4:30 with WhaleyFlutes/oboe: 3:10-3:50 with Whaley, 3:50-4:30 sectional
Wind EnsembleAltos: 3:10-3:50 with Ms. H, 3:50-4:30 sectionalLow Brass: 3:10-3:50 sectional, 3:50-4:30 with Ms. HWind Symphony
Euphoniums: 3:10-3:50 with Whaley, 3:50-4:30 sectional (this is a change)
Trombones/tuba: 3:10-3:50 with Whaley, 3:50-4:30 sectional

Jazz Dinner Dance
Before I say anything. I want to give a huge thank you to Amy Garcia, Heike Del Palacio, Mary McKee, Ralph McKee, Sarah Cuellar, and Hope Cuellar for doing all the heavy lifting and setting up the tables, centerpieces, decorations, and silent auction items for the evening’s festivities. I think we can all agree that everything looked fantastic. I cannot go without thanking Randy Dees and Tyler Smolovik for getting the jazz band prepared for a fantastic showing. Also, thank you to everyone who bid on baskets, and everyone who donated to the baskets. I will share the final number of the amount raised once I have that info!
I thought it was neat to have a group of people perform for us who share a love for jazz, so thank you to Nick Gallanos, our saxophone teacher for bringing his group, Anvize, to perform for us. I hope the students took away that there is an outlet for your musical passion no matter where your life takes you.
Personally, I had a wonderful time. I. Love. This. Event. One final thank you to everyone who attended and shared an evening of food, jazz, and dancing with us. 
👀Upcoming Events👀
Booster Meeting 3/7/23
7:00pm, Band Hall
Join us for a parent meeting to talk about past events, future events, brainstorm fundraising ideas, and ask questions! See you there!
UTA Jazz Contest Details
3/11/23 at UTAE. H. Hereford University Center300 W 1st st. Arlington, TX 76010
After practice on Friday – Load cars with equipment
9:00am – call time at UTA – SET AN ALARM NOW SO YOU’RE NOT LATE
10:00am – warm up
10:30am – performance
11:00am – clinic
12:00pm – optional masterclass
*free to go or stay, but must check out before leaving
1:00pm – lunch on own
8:00pm – UTA performance/awards
More details
Equipment load in will be at Maverick Circle outside the North Foyer entrance to the University Center (address: 300 W 1st St, Arlington, TX 76010) You will be met and escorted to the registration table. From there you will be shown where to store cases and then escorted to the warmup room, performance site (Rosebud Theater) and clinic site (Bluebonnet Ballroom.) After the clinic, you will then be taken back to where your cases are stored.

  • We will furnish a drum kit (no cymbals), keyboard, and amps for the warmup rooms and clinic site.  You can leave your gear near registration and pick it up before you perform if you wish to use the provided equipment.
  • Rosebud stage will be furnished with risers, stands, chairs, and a grand piano, drum kit (no cymbals) and amps.  If you wish to use your own gear that is fine. We will have a stage manager to assist in moving equipment.
  • Your performance will be recorded, and the recording will be sent to you via email.  Packets may be picked up following the awards concert on your particular day.
  • On both days, our Connection Café will be open for dining services (an all you can eat meal option), on Friday there is also Chick Fila, Subway, and Panda Express available. All of these options are located in the University Center where the rest of the festival takes place.
  • We will have some merchandise (festival t-shirts, stickers, etc.)  for sale and a few concessions.
  • You will receive some tickets for entrance in the Evening Awards Concert on Saturday, March 11th.
    • There is an admission for this concert so make sure each student receives a ticket. If you cannot attend the concert, let us know and we will mail the results packet to you.
    • The Awards Concert on Friday, March 10th is open and free.
  • Our guest artist Ashlin Parker will be giving a master class 12pm and 3:30 on Saturday. In between each masterclass on that day will be a jam session led by UTA students.  These as well as all the performances of the participating groups are open and free to students and parents wishing to come and listen.
Event parking for non-busses will be Lot F11 and Lot 38. A campus map is attached to this email
We look forward to hosting you and hearing your bands perform! There will be plenty of UTA students to help assist you if needed. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance if you need it.
Tim Ishii – Director of Jazz Studies
Dylan Brown- Festival Coordinator
Winter Guard Contest at Martin HS
4501 W Pleasant Ridge Rd, Arlington, TX 76016
JV performance – 2:12pm
V performance – 5:53pm
WE NEED YOUR HELP to move props and equipment. This would also be a terrific opportunity for you to see the Winter Guards if you have not done so. I tried to make the time commitment minimal and give you some options. Click the link below to see your options!

💼Old Business💼
Spring Outing 
With only 11 people responding as a “yes” – I will not be pursuing this any further BUT when I purchase my tickets to this concert, if you guys want to sit near one another, I will share my seat number. 
Fall Leadership Interest Form Open
Due 3/20/23
Tons of details were shared on the BAND app regarding leadership – I know it’s a little overwhelming at first, but with all the new leadership positions available, the idea is that many hands make light work 🙂 Also, leadership students will be placed in our advisory class for next year so we can work and grow together.
Booster Board Opening *Still Open*

Opening: Vice President: Fundraising and Grant Writing

If you have any experience with this and want to try to give our students a better experience by increasing the amount of donations we get from the community, connect with the alumni, and write a few grant proposals, then this is for you! Help us drive down the increasing costs of doing band!

💰Fundraising Corner💰
Coupon Digital Coupon Book
Current total as of 11:02 on 3/5/23: $6,097 with 2 days left!
Only 48% of the band has at least 1 donation. We can do better
Only 57% of the band has 10 or more emails in their account after spending time every day in class entering emails. We can do better
Only 3% of the band has 20 or more quality emails in their accounts. We can do better
This was a pretty successful fundraiser. We were this successful with only 48% of the band with at least one donation and only 57% of the band with at least 10 quality emails. 

Imagine what would happen if we all committed to have at least one donation. That is an extra $1,300+!
First place earner: Allison Goode with $740 raised!!
Frist place section: The trombone section with $1,346 raised!!
Thanks for reading. Have a terrific week!
Travis Whaley
Director of Bands
Mansfield Summit High School
1071 Turner Warnell Rd
Arlington, TX 76001
682-314-0972 (office)