Jag Band Update 4/2/23

Hello Jaguar Band,
It’s the week before UIL and all through the hall, not a creature was stirring, not even… that’s a lie, there’s still a lot going on. We had a super busy week last week with lots to celebrate! Here’s your update:
📆Schedule at a glance📆
This Week
Monday:🏆Leadership workshop 3:15-4:30 [5:00 for DM], 🚩3:30-7:00 WG Spring Show Rehearsal
Tuesday: 🎵 Sectionals, 🚩 3:30-6:30 WG Optional Rehearsal
Wednesday: 🏆Leadership workshop 3:15-4:30 [5:00 for DM]
Thursday: 🎵 Sectionals, 🚩3:30-7:00 WG Spring Show Rehearsal
Friday: No School
Next Week
Monday: 🚩 3:30-8:00 Spring Show Ensemble Rehearsals
Tuesday: 🎵 3:15-6:15 Wind Ensemble Rehearsal, 🚩 4:00-8:30 WG show rehearsals, 7:00-8:00 Booster Meeting
Wednesday: 🎼10:30am Wind Ensemble UIL performance
Thursday: 🎵 3:15-6:15 Wind Symphony Rehearsal, 🚩 3:30-8:00 Spring Show rehearsal
Friday: 🎼8:30am performance Wind Symphony UIL, 🚩6:30 Spring Show!!!
🎼Sectionals this week🎼
Sectional Schedule this week
Wind Symphony
Clarinets: 3:50-4:30 sectional, 4:30-5:10 with Ms. H 
Wind EnsembleHorns: 3:10-3:50 with Ms. H, 3:50-4:30 sectionalClarinets: 3:10-3:50 sectional, 3:50-4:30 with Ms. H
Wind Symphony
Horns: 3:10-3:50 with Whaley, 3:50-4:30 sectional
Trumpets: 3:10-3:50 sectional, 3:50-4:30 with Whaley
Altos: 3:50-4:30 sectional, 4:30-5:10 with Whaley

Wind EnsembleFlutes/oboe: 3:10-3:50 with Ms. H, 3:50-4:30 sectionalLow Reeds (tenor, bari, bassoon, bass cl): 3:10-3:50 sectional, 3:50-4:30 with Ms. HWind Symphony
Low Reeds: 3:10-3:50 sectional, 3:50-4:30 with WhaleyFlutes/oboe: 3:10-3:50 with Whaley, 3:50-4:30 sectional
Wind EnsembleAltos: 3:10-3:50 with Ms. H, 3:50-4:30 sectional
Low Brass: 3:10-3:50 sectional, 3:50-4:30 with Ms. H
Trumpets: 3:50-4:30 sectional, 4:30-5:10 with Ms. H
Wind Symphony
Euphoniums: 3:10-3:50 with Whaley, 3:50-4:30 sectional
Trombones/tuba: 3:10-3:50 with Whaley, 3:50-4:30 sectional

Pre-UIL (this past Monday and Wednesday)
We had some great performances and great comments from the judges to clean up before UIL next week. Thanks for all the support out there and we can’t wait to perform next week!
Percussion Solo and Ensemble (this past Thursday)
This was a smashing hit – pun intended. The kiddos performed well for our guest judge, and they were able to get a ton of great feedback. Congratulations Mr. Solis for putting this together and having it go so well!
MISD Color Guard Showcase (this past Friday)
I love events like these. The Cadet, Pearl, and Onyx guard represented well! Thank you to Will Ludlow, Jeremy Troche, and Mansfield HS for hosting this. Thank you for making it out if you were able to. The more we do things like this, the better all our kids will be. Go MISD!
Cross Timbers Recruitment (this past Friday)
The Wind Symphony trombone section took the show on the road and went down to Cross Timbers to recruit the 5th grade future Jaguars into band. They did an excellent job representing the entire band program and played well. Way to go trombones!
Varsity Winter Guard (this past Saturday)
This was incredible! A SUMMIT SWEEP! JV last week, now varsity this week. Congratulations to Sam Sorensen and Cam Hewelt on an incredible season! Shoutout to senior Cia Hernandez who not only made me cry during her performance, but the movement judge told us she was one of his favorite performers out of the day. Thank you again JV guard and floor crew for helping make this a great day!
MISD Symphony Orchestra (this past Saturday)
A huge shoutout to our students who took part in the inaugural MISD Symphony Orchestra. Way to represent Summit HS on that stage!
👀Upcoming Events👀
UIL Concert and Sight Reading
Arlington CVPA – free admission
900 E Sanford St, Arlington, TX 76011
Wind Ensemble: Wednesday 4/12/23 at 10:30am
Wind Symphony: Friday 4/14/24 at 8:30am
More information and an itinerary will be coming soon on the band app
Color Guard Spring Show – 4/14/23 – 6:30pm
Summit HS – $5 admission – PE Gym
Enter through the blue outside Band Hall doors
See our color guard’s final run of their shows, small ensembles, solos, and more! We’ll be selling burgers, hot dogs, and snacks. Make it a family affair and come support the GOLD MEDALIST guards!
Wind Symphony Honor Band Recording Concert (Tuesday, 4/25/23)
Mansfield CPA1110 W Debbie Ln, Mansfield, TX 76063
      5:45 PM               Howard Warm-Up on stage

      6:15 PM               HMS Concert
      6:50 PM               Timberview Warm-Up on stage
      7:20 PM               THS Concert
      8:00 PM               Summit Warm-Up on Stage
      8:30 PM               SHS Concert
Solo Contest April 29th
Wind Ensemble and Wind Symphony students should have a solo picked at this point. Accompanists should be contacted. Parents should be informed of the approx. $60 cost to the accompanist. Students should have filled out the form found on this band post last week:

💰Money Corner💰
Pay off those band fees!
Search for: Band Payment in your inbox. If you cannot find your link, or you have an incorrect link for some reason, please email me back.
We have approximately $32,500 of band fees that need to be paid. Final payment of the $140 for Activity Fee 2 is due May 5th.
Thanks for reading. Have a terrific week!