Jag Band Update 6/25/23

Hey folks,
Time’s ticking! We are closing out June and we are about TWO weeks away from guard/percussion camp, THREE weeks away from leadership camp, and FOUR weeks away from meeting together to officially start work on The 13th Floor. Exciting times.
Parents and guardians – make sure your kiddo is moving every day, and make sure they are playing their instrument or spinning at least a little bit every day. I mean… I know Diablo IV came out a couple of weeks ago, but they could take a break 🤣


📆Schedule at a glance

This Week
Tuesday: 8:00-5:00 Open band hall for In-Town Tuesdays
Next Week
Tuesday: No In Town Tuesday (July 4th)
Looking ahead
July 10th – Percussion and Guard camp starts
July 17th – Leadership camp starts
July 24th – Full band camp starts


👀Upcoming Events

Check the BAND app and communications from your section leaders for the ITT schedule.

👏Action Items

2023 Student Apparel

Store is now open! Closes next week! http://stores.inksoft/summithsband 

2023 Band Spirit Wear

Store is now open! Closes next week! http://stores.inksoft/summithsband
💬General Announcements
2023 Forms
Uploaded on the BAND app under “attachments”
2023 Stand Music
Uploaded on the BAND app under “attachments”. As I scan more music, it will be uploaded into this folder.
Introducing the new Assistant Director of Bands at TA Howard
An official bio will be out soon. But I would like to welcome Mr. Ben Reaux to the cluster. Mr. Reaux is a trumpet player joining us from most recently from Eden, TX where he taught 5th-12th grade band at Eden middle/high school. He will be helping the Summit Band at both Summer Band and throughout the season along with the other band directors at Howard, Mr. Thompson, and Ms. Martinez. We are tremendously excited and cannot wait to see what he does!

⌛Old Business





2024 Trip to DC – Rescheduled to May 8 – 24 – official sign up coming soon!

PLEASE READ 🚨 In the first interest form, there were about 40 students who voted a hard yes on attending the trip, several students who voted “maybe” and a large handful of parents interested in chaperoning. I have made the decision to CAP the trip at 52 total for now (don’t freak out, keep reading) – consisting of approximately 40 students, 8 parent chaperones, and 4 directors which will fill one charter bus and give us a price break at most hotels so we can be as efficient as possible with our cost of the trip. The plan is to still fly to DC. 

Once we hit that cap, a waiting list will be added. If we get close to filling a second bus – say about 75-80 total student sign-ups – we will allow those on the waiting list to be added to the trip. If we are short on that number, only the first approximately 40 students will be allowed to go, and the directors will pick the (up to) 8 adult chaperones based on level of involvement with the program. We would need all interested parties to sign up by August 5th (registration/uniform fitting day).

Keep an eye on your emails and on the BAND app for more info on this. When the sign up is live, I’ll give a time/date when I’ll release the link, and the list will be populated as “first come, first served” 

This trip is going to be awesome, cannot wait!

Parent/Guardian Requests!

If you didn’t read this post on the parent BAND app, please respond if you can help: https://band.us/band/87873348/post/153



Summer Lessons

Reach out to a lesson teacher to schedule https://summitjaguarband.cadenza.works/about/lessons/


Join our 2023 Remind if you haven’t done so!

Open the Remind App or text 81010. Our 2023-2024 remind codes are:

General student remind (students only): @sjb2324 

General parent remind (parents only): @sjb2324p

2023 BAND App

Don’t forget so sign up for the BAND app.

Students/parents/guardians: https://band.us/n/afa99cC8ocz7d

Parents/guardians only: https://band.us/n/a1a592Cbo0zcr

Students: be sure to have your full name, and a picture of yourself in your profile

Parents/guardians: have your full name and affiliation like “Kenny Doe (Jane Doe’s dad)” and adding a picture is optional for you.

Summer Band Attendance

Summer Band Camp is SO IMPORTANT! Here are some numbers for our friends that have math/number-based brains….
Total hours of “outside of school” rehearsal in the 2023 marching band season: 190.5
Total hours at Summer Band (7/24/23-8/15/23 – a little more than 3 weeks): 107
Total hours outside of school when school starts (after 8/16/23-11/3/23 – a little under 3 months): 83.5
If you miss one day of Summer Band~4% of your entire marching season is missed (that is like your maximum grade for marching band going from a 100 to a 96)
If you miss one week of Summer Band~18% of your entire marching season is missed (that is like your maximum grade for marching band going from a 100 to an 82)
If you miss one day of Summer Band, it is the equivalent of missing one whole week of outside rehearsal once school starts.
If you miss one week of Summer Band, it is the equivalent of missing one whole month of outside rehearsal once school starts.
With that said, I just want to say THANK YOU to many folks who have worked around this. So few issues thus far!
Everyone understands that this schedule was published over 7 months ago so schedules could be accommodated
Everyone understands that it is so important to attend camp to get all the information, so we don’t have to slow things down
Everyone understands that making up any time lost is difficult given the nature of the activity
Everyone understands that high school band is a team sport and that means holding up their part of the time commitment
Everyone understands that missing Summer Band is unfair to everyone who worked it out
We all agree that we want the Summit Band to continue to be competitively successful – but to do that, we all must make those accommodations and sacrifices, and I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have done so already 🙂



The number of pugs in the house have (temporarily) grown this week.