Jag Band Update 9/5/22

Happy Labor Day Jags,

I hope you enjoyed your three-day weekend. Long weekends are always a double edge sword – long weekend, but we have to cram 5 days of work in 4 days. We have a busy week ahead! Progress reports will be posted sometime this week – let’s make sure we’re staying on those grades and turning in those assignments. We must have EVERYONE pass in order to be successful. Don’t let your teammates and yourself down!
Schedule at a glance
This Week
Monday: No school – Labor Day
Tuesday: Full Band Rehearsal 4:00-7:00, Booster Meeting 7:00-8:00
Wednesday: Full Band Rehearsal 4:00-6:00
Thursday: Full Band Rehearsal 4:00-7:00 (Individual uniform picture day during band
Friday: Football vs Crowley at Crowley
Next Week
Monday: Full Band Rehearsal 4:00-7:00
Tuesday: Full Band Rehearsal 4:00-7:00
Wednesday: Full Band Rehearsal 4:00-6:00
Thursday: Football vs Seguin (home at Newsom) First game in uniform!
Friday: Off
Old Business
Uniform Fitting Day
One more shoutout to Ms. Lozada for getting the rest of the band outfitted in their football uniform! The students also received their competition uniform and WOW do they look amazing. It’s going to look amazing on the field at competitions.
Football vs Mansfield
We did it! And it went even smoother that the last game. Thank you again parents for all the support you’re giving these students and to the program. Although the game didn’t end up the way we wanted it to, the band had a great showing at halftime!
Upcoming Event Information
Uniform Picture Day (Thursday 9/8/22) During the School Day
Our one and only Mrs. Erica Graves will be in the band hall taking pictures of our students on Thursday during the school the day. Students will get dressed into their uniform during their band class and take their individual picture. Students – please wear appropriate clothing to wear under your uniform (no pants, or heavy clothing). You may be able to dress into appropriate clothing during your class time. If for some reason you are not able to attend the school day, Ms. Graves will be in Band Hall 2 after school before 4:00.
Football Game at Crowley (Friday 9/9/22)
All students involved
Dance Team Tune: Let’s Get Loud
UniformBlue performance shirt, black shorts, marching shoes, long black socks, water jug sling, lyre, flipbook, hair off collar, no jewelry
Call time: 5:00 (the band hall will remain open after school for students who need this accommodation)
Finish time: 11:00ish (watch for updates on the BAND app or come join us at the game!)
  • 5:00 – arrive at Summit Hand Hall
  • 5:15 – inspection
  • 5:25 – load buses/depart
  • 6:15 – arrive at VNS, load stands
  • 7:00 – game starts
  • 8:15ish – halftime
  • 10:15ish – game finishes, load buses, pack up
  • 11:30ish – arrive at SHS, clean up, dismissal.
Action Items
March-A-Thon (Saturday, 9/17/22) Donations due 9/16/22 (repost from last update)
Collect your $100! Ask community members, neighbors, friends and family to sponsor your performance throughout the day. If you’re a Freshman/Sophomore, ask some of your Junior/Senior friends how they did it. Some students have already collected their money and MORE!
This event is a “required” $100 per person fundraiser for the band, but you are more than welcome to get more donations to help the band program (and we need it!). If you already paid this $100 fee at Registration Day, then you are already covered! If you receive over $100 of donations, 10% of whatever you raise will be added to your band account – just like WiddyUp!
As a reminder, this parade takes place in the Fannin Farms neighborhood and involves the band playing music and providing concerts for donors. If you or a friend live in this neighborhood, just a $50 donation gets you a personal concert. Contact summitboosterprez@gmail.com if you or someone you know would like to schedule a private concert. More details, call times, and uniform information coming soon!
Upcoming Payments (repost from last update)
September 16th – March-A-Thon envelope due into the booster box by the band office.
September 19th – All the tangible items need to be paid off by this date including our $120 uniform fee (unless a payment plan has been made with me) in order for your student to receive their custom made performance uniform – and man are they beautiful!
October 7th – Activity Fee 1 due ($140). If this was paid at registration day, you do not need to pay.
Spirit Wear
I am STILL hounding TMF to get our spirit wear webstore open – as soon as I get that link, I’ll send it your way! Spirit wear will also include show shirts – which many of you have asked me about!
Competition Itineraries
A few itineraries have been released on the BAND app already. As information gets released to me, I will send out the itinerary as soon as I can!
Student Corner
Goals for this week
  1. Part 1: Get Part 1 off of the met – this will be priority #1 since we got rained out this past week. Perform Part 1 without met at football game.
  2. Part 2: Finish setting Part 2 and increase tempo to 160. Perform part 2 music and drill with met at football game.
  3. Part 3: Memorize part 3 and get the first few sets of Part 3 on the field. Play part 3 at football game with met (pending on percussion)
  4. Stand Tunes: Add Hey Baby and Let’s Get Loud to the stand tunes this week.
Homework for this week
  1. All-State: Work on Etude 2, cut 1 for your masterclasses.
  2. Show: Look at Part 4 on your own!
  3. Stand Tunes: Work on Hey Baby, Let’s Get Loud, and any stand tune music you’re not comfortable with thus far.
Recap from game
  1. Jewelry Free: Reminder that we should not have any jewelry in uniform. We want to look as uniform as possible while in uniform, hence the term: uniform. 🙂
  2. Cursing: There was more than one occasion that I heard cursing in uniform at this past game. Let it be known that if you’re caught cursing in uniform, you will not wear the uniform again until the directors are convinced that you will never curse in uniform again. If that means you don’t get to perform at a football game, or a competition, then so be it. Your foul language reflects poorly on Summit High School and the band program as a whole.
  3. Absent Before a Performance: Remember, if you’re absent from the rehearsal the day before a performance, you may not perform the next day regardless of if bring “excused” or not – it’s a safety thing. If we change anything at the last minute, we don’t want you, or anyone else getting hurt.
Here’s to a good week. 19 days until our first competition!
Travis Whaley
Director of Bands
Mansfield Summit High School
1071 Turner Warnell Rd
Arlington, TX 76001
682-341-0972 (office)