Jag Band Update 10/16/22

Hey folks,
Happy last week of competitive marching band. I do not believe we have peaked yet and we still have plenty of things to fix in order to make the (hopefully two) performances at Area the best ones of the year.
After the competitive season, we’ll transition in to (mostly) Thursday rehearsals where we’ll learn a halftime spirit show before the football season is over. Students must be eligible in order to attend these football games even though the competitive season is over. Speaking of eligibility, here’s some info about the progress report coming up:
  • If you failed a class these past six weeks, and is passing at this progress report, you will regain eligibility starting Monday, October 24th.
  • If you failed a class these past six weeks and is still failing a class at this progress report, you will lose eligibility for another three weeks.
  • If you passed these past six weeks and failed a class at the progress report, there will be no change in eligibility.
Six Weeks 2 ends on October 28th. Here’s some info about the grade report coming up:
  • If you fail a class at the grade report, you are ineligible until the next progress report.
  • If you pass every class, you are now eligible.
The current grading period is a short one with only two weeks left in the cycle. Our goal is always to have zero kids failing.
We’ll be transitioning into concert band after this week, and we have some great music planned for you for these concerts.
Schedule at a glance

This Week
Monday: full band 4:00-6:00
Tuesday: no rehearsal
Wednesday: full band at Newsom 5:00-8:00
Thursday: full band 4:00-7:00
Friday: Football at Everman
Saturday: Area Marching Contest at Birdville (final contest of the season)
    Itinerary will be out soon​
Next Week
Thursday: Rehearsal 4:00-6:30
Friday: Football vs Joshua at Anderson (Senior Night)
Upcoming Event Information
This Week
Final Stadium Rehearsal at Newsom (10/19/22)
AM – Load percussion equipment
4:30 – call time for truck instruments and section leaders
5:00 – rehearsal begins
8:00 – rehearsal finishes
Football at Everman (10/21/22)
All students involved
Uniform: WHITE performance shirt, summit black shorts, marching shoes, long black socks, water jug + sling, football uniform
UIL Area F Marching Contest at Birdville ISD stadium (10/22/22)
All students involved
Uniform: BLUE performance shirt, black summit shorts, marching shoes, long black socks, water jug + sling, football uniform
ItineraryStill TBA, but we’ll be on early-ish
Action Items
Other than finishing the season strong, nothing.
Student Corner
Goals for this week
  1. Have focused rehearsals, cleaning small issues in big chunks, making everything comfortable.
Homework for this week
  1. All-State: Work on Etude 1, cut 3 for your masterclasses (same as last week since we didn’t have masterclasses)
  2. Stand Tunes: Either Livin’ La Vida Loca or Edge of Glory again
Travis Whaley
Director of Bands
Mansfield Summit High School
1071 Turner Warnell Rd
Arlington, TX 76001
682-341-0972 (office)