Jag Band Update 2/20/23

Hello Jaguar Band,

We got through last week! Woo! Tons of things are still happening over the next couple of weeks, so please be sure to read the information below and as always, please email back with questions!
📆Schedule at a glance📆
This Week
Monday: 🗽No School!🚩11:00-2:00 JV WG, 🚩2:00-6:00 V WG 
Tuesday: 🎷3:30-4:30 jazz, 🎵6:00-8:00 Ensemble Concert
Wednesday: 🚩4:00-7:30 JV WG, 🎷3:30-4:30 jazz
Thursday: 🚩3:30-7:00 V WG
Friday: 🚩3:30-5:00 JV WG, 🚩5:00-7:00 V WG, 5:00-8:00, 🎵 MISD Ensemble Contest, 🎷Jazz Dinner Dance Auction Item Due!
Saturday: 🚩Guard Contest at Wylie East HS
Next Week
Monday: 🚩3:30-5:30 JV WG, 🚩5:30-8:00 V WG 
Wednesday: 🎷3:30-4:30 jazz, 🚩4:00-7:30 JV WG
Thursday: 🚩3:30-7:00 V WG
Friday: 🎷3:30-4:30 jazz
Saturday: 🎷6:00-9:00 Jazz Dinner Dance
8th Grade Parent Night
Last Thursday
Thank you, Bryant Le, and Alex Medrano for representing the band at the 8th grade night this past Thursday. We had an impressive table and got to speak to a couple of incoming 8th graders!
Middle School Solo and Ensemble
Last Saturday
I did not get any pictures of this event, but all the directors involved said it ran smoothly. Thank you to all the student leaders who helped at the event to make it run so well!
Alumni Lesson Scholarships
New thing!
Reader’s Digest version: I emailed all the alumni about the discount card fundraiser; one parent came back saying that she and a few other parents want to give more than just the $25 and want to fund lesson scholarships for the students. She also pointed me in the direction to fill out a Mansfield Arts Grant which could fund even more student lesson scholarships. Our goal as a staff was to increase that fund so we can award more lesson scholarships at the beginning of every year. We are hoping this pans out to something huge to give our kids the best opportunity to succeed!
💰Fundraising Corner💰
Coupon Digital Coupon Book
As of 3:45pm on Monday 2/20, we have raised $3,566! Congratulations everyone! We are doing great! If you check out the little gas gauges, we only have a 3% on participation. That means only 3% of the program has entered 20+ quality emails into their account. But at least 35% of participants have at least one donation, which is huge. I would love if everyone in the program could get at least one donation. Try to make it a personal goal to get JUST one.
Currently Horns are in first place with $790 raised, followed by the clarinets with $756. Trombones in a distant third with $555 raised.
Parents/guardians – we are asking the students to get up to TEN quality emails loaded in their profile – no student emails, no made-up emails, but quality emails that can help the band program – if you can give your students a few more, that would be great. We are all in this together! Help the band raise some money and push down our band fees!
Jazz Dinner Dance Basket Donation
Due this Friday!!
Drop your donation in the bins in the front of the room and label them with student name and estimated value. To order tickets, see the attached ticket order form to print and drop off in the white bin in the band office, stop by the band hall on Feb. 23rd and/or Feb. 27th to buy from a live person or use the QR code on the poster.
💼New Business💼

Sectional calendar/plan was released on the Band app. We are going to stick with Version 2, which has the fewest conflicts. Sectionals will start next week on February 27th. Students are asked to have one 80-minute sectional after school up until the Spring Concert so we can prepare for UIL, spring concert, and Wind Symphony’s Honor Band recording. Here is what we are looking at:
~Tuesdays~Wind EnsembleHorns: 3:10-3:50 with Ms. H, 3:50-4:30 sectionalClarinets: 3:10-3:50 sectional, 3:50-4:30 with Ms. HWind SymphonyEuphoniums: 3:10-3:50 with Whaley, 3:50-4:30 sectionalTrumpets: 3:10-3:50 sectional, 3:50-4:30 with WhaleyAltos: 3:50-4:30 sectional, 4:30-5:10 with Whaley~Wednesdays~Wind EnsembleFlutes/oboe: 3:10-3:50 with Ms. H, 3:50-4:30 sectionalLow Reeds (tenor, bari, bassoon, bass cl): 3:10-3:50 sectional, 3:50-4:30 with Ms. HWind SymphonyClarinets: 3:50-4:30 sectional, 4:30-5:10 with Ms. HLow Reeds: 3:10-3:50 sectional, 3:50-4:30 with WhaleyFlutes/oboe: 3:10-3:50 with Whaley, 3:50-4:30 sectional~Thursdays~Wind EnsembleAltos: 3:10-3:50 with Ms. H, 3:50-4:30 sectionalLow Brass: 3:10-3:50 sectional, 3:50-4:30 with Ms. HWind SymphonyTrombones/tuba: 3:10-3:50 with Whaley, 3:50-4:30 sectionalHorns: 3:10-3:50 sectional, 3:50-4:30 with Whaley
Summit HS Ensemble Concert
2/21/23, 6:00-8:00 (pdf attached)
This event is run just like last year. Woodwinds in the PAC, brass in the band hall. We are asking that all students stay and watch all other students. Parents/friends/family can come watch just their students’ group, all groups, several groups, it is all up to you. We hope to see you all there!
MISD HS Ensemble Contest
2/24/23, 5:30-8:00
We will have Mrs. Benecasa from Martin High School judging the woodwinds, and Mr. Hervey from Arlington High School judging the brass. The “best” woodwind and brass ensemble will be asked to play at the Spring Concert! Here is an approximate, tentative schedule for this event. I know there are a few mistakes and typos on here, this will be finished this week.
Room Time Event School Performer(s)
K1 5:30 Flute Quartet Summit Carla De Placio, Kyara Berrones, Paola Hernandez, Valeria Cueva
K1 5:40 Clarinet Quartet Summit Natalie Denova, Jakob Mackey, Karis Gaines, Erick Gonzalez
K1 5:50 Sax Trio Summit Ileana Rivera, Davidian Bobo, Errick Mackey
K1 6:00 Summit BREAK
K1 6:10 Flute Choir Summit Trinity B, Kamryn Coleman, Gia Lai, Kim Nguyen, Victoria Atikante, John Contreras
K1 6:20 Carinet Quartet Summit Jayla Wiltz, Desitny Bakare, Eden Bolden, Nikki E
K1 6:30 Oboe Duet Summit Emily Caffey, Anica Damicharob
K1 6:40 Clarinet Trio Summit Samantha Garcia, Amy Rios, Grace Otieno
K1 6:50 Sax Quartet Summit Berkley Bailey, Aidan Facundo, Caleb Roach, Joel Valdez
K1 7:00 Bass Clarinet Duet Summit Destiny Bakkare, Grace Ottino
K1 7:10 BREAK Summit BREAK
K1 7:20 Flute Choir Summit Leonise McKee, Sofia Avila, Carlos Lozada, Natalie Green, Elena Coats, Alejandra Medrano
K1 7:30 Flute Trio Summit Leonise McKee, Sofia Avila, Carlos Lozada
K1 7:40 Clarinet Choir Summit Jaiydlin Baa’Qee, Mariana Bahena, Charlotte Jager, Maya Borjas, Caia Hernandez, Ana Garia, Morriah Barnett
K1 7:50 Sax Quartet 1 Summit Joseph Fondren, Tyler Gomez, Brian Crain, Alejadro Rodriguez
K1 8:00 Sax Quartet 2 Summit Joseph Fondren, Alejadro Rodriguez, Tyler Gomez, Cindy Sanchez
K1 8:10 Double Reed Quartet Summit Bryant Le, Megan Wilcox, Landon Peugh, Leilani Valdez

K2 6:00 High Brass Quartet Summit Josh Zamora, Joaquin Villar, Jayden Weathersby, Maeva Proye
K2 6:10 Low Brs Quartet Summit Ethan Booze, Obi Uzoh, Giancarlo Adan, Jacob Echeverria
K2 6:20 Tuba Duet Summit Bradyn McGraw, Amare Russell
K2 6:30 BREAK
K2 6:40 Trumpet Ensemble Summit Justin Tipton, Asha Davison, David Mountain, Josh Zamora, Joaquin Villar
K2 6:50 Horn Quartet Summit Matthew Hayhurst, Destiny Dean, Alli Altman, Allison Goode
K2 7:00 Trombone Trio Summit Elijah Martin, Monique Martinez, Nathan Crain
K2 7:10 Tuba Euph Duet Summit Keara Savory-Calbo, Keirson Gray
K2 7:20 Summit BREAK
K2 7:30 Tbn/Tuba Duet Summit Lauren Holt, Josh Perry
K2 7:40 Trumpet Ensemble Summit Alan Garcia, Iniquez Rusk, John Hunt, Iyaan Jaffer, Jordan Bryant, Norman Carswell
K2 7:50 Horn Quartet Summit Richard Loomer, Andrew Van Es, Olivia Melton, Kaitlyn Bond
K2 8:00 Trombone Quartet Summit Lauryn Holt, Ryan Dickey, Daniel Lopez, Noah Ochieng
K2 8:10 Tuba Euph Trio Summit Kamila Hernandez, Diego Garcia, Mauricio Cruz

Guard Contest at Wylie East HS (2/25/23)
Summit Cadets 9:00 am (Howard MS guard)
Summit Pearl 11:46am (JV)
Summit Onyx 3:12pm (V)
Awards: 5:00pm
Floor Crew: 10:00 (at Summit) arrive back with guard after awards (6:30ish)
More details will be available on the Band App! If you can make the trek up to Wylie East, we would love to see you there!!!
Spring Outing (5/19/23)
We are thinking of doing a “night on the town” where we take a bus to Medieval Times in Dallas to eat a dinner at 5:00, and then go to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra at 7:30 to catch them playing the music of ET while the movie is playing behind them. I would really like all the seniors to be involved in this – but would like to invite anyone else who can tag along. The cost would be around $80-$100 (I think). That would depend on the number of people involved. Can you click on the link below to let me know if you are interested in this? You are not committing to anything; I just need a general number to figure out ticket prices: https://band.us/band/87857392/post/327
💼Old Business💼
Booster Board Opening
Almost completed
We just need one more person to take on fundraising and grant writing. Let me know if you are interested! We could really use your help here!
Dilapidated Scaffold Outside the Pod
Not completed
We still need someone to take on this project to see if that scaffolding outside the pod is salvageable. I need to know soon so I can start planning props for next year! Will it fit on a truck? Does the motor still work? Will the motor power a person?
Cat-Cat appreciation post. Pug cannot have all the limelight. 
Thanks for reading. Have a terrific week!
Travis Whaley
Director of Bands
Mansfield Summit High School
1071 Turner Warnell Rd
Arlington, TX 76001
682-314-0972 (office)